This transcript is curtesy Eyes Only.

(Episode starts with Max sneaking onto a boat)

SALINSKY: How many did you get in?

MAN: All 15.

SALINSKY: 15 at 20 grand a piece.

MAN: Like taking candy from a baby, Salinsky.

(We see Max taking the money that Salinsky is supposed to give to the mob. In the bridge area, Salinsky accuses the mob of ripping him off)

SALINSKY: Where's my money?

MAN: What do you mean? It was in the case.

(A ship guard finds Max while making his rounds)


(A fight ensues and naturally, Max easily disposes of them)

MAX: Hey, you're kind of cute.

SALINSKY: Nobody rips me off! Where's my money?

(Gunfire erupts inside the bridge area of the ship. Max swims away with the missing money)

(Opening credits)

VOGELSANG (on phone): The subject was followed to the Flamingo Lodge Motel where she registered under the name of Anita Orduno. And the subject was then joined by a female Caucasian...uh like 20, uh...mid 20s, late 20s and, uh...she accompanied her into the hotel room for about three...three-and-a-half hours. Anyway, here's the thing, though. The registration...in the other woman's car...well, it goes back to you, Mr. Meyer. So the answer is: yes, your mistress is stepping out on you...but she's doing it with your wife. I mean, I guess that, you know, could be good news or bad news. I mean, it all depends on whether...

(Vogelsang realizes that Lydecker is in his office)

LYDECKER: Please, don't stop on my account.

(Vogelsang hangs up the phone)

VOGELSANG: Mr. Lydecker...she wasn't here. I have...I haven't seen her. I have...I haven't spoken to her since...

LYDECKER: Finish your lunch before it gets cold.

VOGELSANG: Oh, please. Please, Mr. Lydecker. I have told you. I have told you everything I know. I swear it.

LYDECKER: It seems so unfair. There you are, drifting along...private investigator running his own laundromat...and along comes this young lady and asks him to help her find a bunch of kids with bar codes on their necks.

VOGELSANG: Please, don't hurt me, Mr. Lydecker.

LYDECKER: How are the nails?

VOGELSANG: No. Mr. Lydecker...

LYDECKER: Looks like they're growing back fine. See? I told ya. Mr. Vogelsang...I want you to be very clear just how important this young girl is to me. I would peel every inch of skin from your body if it would bring me one heartbeat closer to her. I know she's out there. Eventually, she's going to have to come up for air. And when she does...I want to be there.

(Switch to the inside of a bar. Original Cindy is captivated by a female bicycle stuntperson who is doing bike tricks on the bar counter)

CINDY: She's spiking a can-can endo. Spank it, sugar. Damn. She's fine.

MAX: She's straight.

CINDY: Don't be putting salt in my game. I'm not trying to hear that.

MAX: She's all yours. Give me hot boy over there. His friend's kind of working for me, too. And the brother over there in the corner is just breaking my heart.

KENDRA: Are you running a fever or something?

MAX: No.

KENDRA: You sure? You look flushed.

MAX: Yeah. Why?

KENDRA: I don't know. You seem...

MAX: What?

CINDY: Like you've been puddling over every pair of pants that walks in here tonight.

MAX: Stop.

KENDRA: You are.

MAX: Hey.


MAX: What? I'm just being friendly 'cause he's cute.

CINDY: Will somebody correct my eyes? You've been laying out for the boys all night long.

KENDRA: It's like you're in heat or something.

CINDY: But don't trip. You don't see men down on theyselves 'cause they 'bout it. You got an itch? Go scratch.

ERIC: Hey.

CINDY: We are talking bitch.

KENDRA: Hang on to your drinks.

ERIC: Do you come here a lot?

MAX: Yeah. What are you drinking?


MAX: I'm scratching, 'k.

ERIC: I'll have whatever you're having.

MAX: Hey, two more beers.

CINDY: You're heterosexual. What's up with that?

KENDRA: No clue.

MAX: Here.

ERIC: Thanks.

(Max's beeper goes off)

MAX: Oh. I got to blaze.

ERIC: But I thought you...

MAX: This was fun. Maybe we can kick it sometime. Later.

CINDY: It was all just a strange and beautiful dream.

(Sketch does some more bike tricks on the bar counter, and promptly falls off the end)

SKETCH: I'm okay.

(Max takes off to head over to Logan's apartment)

MAX: Kendra was right. I am in heat or something like that...all because they spiced up that genetic cocktail called "me" with a dash of feline DNA...so I can jump 15 feet of razor wire and take out a 250-pound linebacker with my thumb and index finger...which makes me an awesome killing machine and a hoot at parties. But it also means that three times a year I'm climbing the walls...looking for some action. Thank God, the worst of it is over...if I can just get through the next 12 hours without doing something I'm going to regret.

(Switch to Logan's apartment. A trainer is helping Logan rehabilitate his legs)

BLING: Work for it. Seven...eight...good contraction, even though you can't feel it. Visualize that muscle working. Come on. One more...and...ten. Stick a fork in you. You're done.

LOGAN: I've got one more set in me. Come on.

BLING: Save it for tomorrow.

LOGAN: Come on, Bling...one more set.

BLING: You can't do this all at once. You've got to pace yourself, man. Otherwise, you'll burn out.

LOGAN: I don't think so.

BLING: Patience in all things, my friend. Anyway, you got company.

(We see Max has shown up)

MAX: Hey, kids. Am I interrupting?

LOGAN: No. You're just in time. Bling was about to entertain me with one of my favorite chestnuts, "the tortoise and the hare".

BLING: Maybe he'll listen to you.

MAX: Yeah, right.

BLING: Good night, people. Drink some water.

LOGAN: Sure thing, mom.

MAX: He's right, you know? You shouldn't be so hard on yourself.

LOGAN: Ah, don't you start.

(Max empties her bag, dumping out stacks of cash onto the table)

MAX: It's amazing what happens when you put three dirtbags in a room and money disappears. Tempers flare. Guns are drawn. Three dead dirtbags.

LOGAN: Nicely done.

MAX: So what happens to those poor folks who thought they were getting smuggled out of the country to the promised land or wherever?

LOGAN: Well, they don't get marched overboard ten miles at sea, for one.

MAX: Which is a good thing.

LOGAN: And this will at least be partial repayment for what they paid the smugglers. And with Solinski and company deceased I'd say our work is through here.

MAX: Wait. Hold on. What do you have for me on Zack?

LOGAN: I'm still developing information.

MAX: Whatever that means.

LOGAN: It means when I come up with something substantive, you'll be the first to know.

MAX: Look, I kept my end of the bargain by running this little errand for you.

LOGAN: And I fully intend to keep mine. But Project Manticore was a covert operation. It's going to take some time. "Patience in all things," right?

MAX: Spare me the lecture. I waited nine years for my brother. Now, if you can help me like you said you could, great. If not, don't waste my time.

LOGAN: I'm doing my best.

MAX: Give me a call when you've got something.

(Max leaves)

MAX (voiceover): God, Logan looked hot, even given the givens. But don't even go there, Max. Your life's complicated enough. Last call for alcohol's not for another hour, so...am I going to go home and be a good girl or...?

(Max makes her way back to the bar and finds Eric still there)

BARTENDER: That's your last one, buddy.

ERIC: Well, well, well. Do my eyes deceive me or is this the woman of my dreams?

MAX: Don't talk. Just come.

(Max takes Eric over to her place)

MAX: Make yourself at home.

ERIC: Nice place.

MAX: Thanks. I'll be right out. Over there.

(Max goes into the bathroom)

MAX: Max, do you have any idea what you're doing? You're going to march out there right now and tell Eric you think it would be best if he went home. On second thought, you're not leaving this room. So what? Am I going to stay here all night? What do you know, anyway?

(Max comes out of the bathroom and finds Eric undressed and lying on her bed)

MAX: Eric...Eric?

(Max climbs onto the bed ready for some action. Eric, however, has completely conked out)

MAX: There is a God.

(The next morning. Eric is singing "hallelujah" in the shower)

KENDRA: There's only one word for you and it starts with an "s", ends with a "t", and it's got a "u" and "l" in the middle.

MAX: "Sult"?

KENDRA: A dyslexic slut at that.

MAX: Look, nothing happened, all right? I brought him home. He fell asleep...end of story. Just don't let him know that because it might break his heart.

ERIC: Good morning, ladies. We didn't really get a chance to talk last night. I'm Eric, and you are?

KENDRA: Leaving. That better not be my towel.

ERIC: You must be tired, baby.

MAX: Oh, but so happy. Look, I got to go to work, so let yourself out.

(Max leaves. Meanwhile, at the Jam Pony headquarters, Normal is about to give Herbal Thought another delivery run)

NORMAL: Hey, another run...46 Euclid.

HERBAL: The righteous man does not tolerate the wickedness of Babylon in these final days. When the downpressor will be judged and punished for his abomination...I will not dirty my hands with that package.

NORMAL: Herbal, I don't understand a single word you're saying.


NORMAL: You're an idiot.

SKETCH: He said he doesn't want to screw up his karma by delivering any more porno to the twist at 46th and Euclid.

NORMAL: Your job is to deliver packages, period. You don't know or care what's inside of them.

HERBAL: But when the most high cause a package to fall from my bike and bust open and reveal this kind of wickedness, I and I can't bury my head in the sand like an ostrich.

NORMAL: Oh, for crying out loud.

(Max arrives at work)


MAX: Where's it go?

NORMAL: It's for you.

MAX: Hmmm. Motor oil?

CINDY: Whoa, who'd you have to sleep with to score that? "Your bed is my everywhere. I love you. Eric." Who's Eric?

MAX: No one you know.

CINDY: Wait a minute. You didn't seriously loft it with Gilligan from last night?

MAX: Nothing happened.

CINDY: He spent the night in your bed?

MAX: Yeah.

CINDY: But you didn't let him hit it?

MAX: No.

CINDY: Then you did all right, boo. That lube's expensive.

(A Streaming Freedom Video starts to broadcast on TV)

EYES ONLY: Do not attempt to adjust your set. This is a Streaming Freedom Video bulletin. The cable hack will last exactly 60 seconds. It cannot be traced, it cannot be stopped, and it is the only free voice left in this city. If anyone's wondering why Joel Solinski is late for work this morning, it's because his bullet-riddled body is laying somewhere below deck on board the Andrea Marlene in the middle of Seattle harbor. Mr. Solinski lured hundreds of people...

(Max's pager goes off)

EYES ONLY: On board the Andrea Marlene during the last two years with the promise of safe passage across the ocean.

MAX: I got to blaze.

EYES ONLY: He made his money as a smuggler trafficking in human misery. No more. Joel solinski has paid for his crimes.

(Max arrives at Logan's apartment slightly annoyed)

MAX: Blowing up my pager, it better be major.

LOGAN: You were in an odd mood last night.

MAX: You got me over here to talk about my moods?

LOGAN: No, not exactly.

MAX: Then what? I have a job.

LOGAN: Quid pro quo.

MAX: You found something on Zack?

LOGAN: No. Something else. In May of '09, the SAC base at Gillette, Wyoming, was shut down, its staff reassigned around the country. I got a hold of their transfer orders. Now, for an Air Force base there was surprisingly few pilots but a whole lot of OB-GYNs, genetic researchers, dietitians, teaching specialists...

MAX: May of '09? That was three months after we escaped. This SAC base was Manticore?

LOGAN: Or at least how Manticore appeared on Department of Defense books. One woman, a dietitian, was transferred to the Naval air station at Sedro Island. Her name was...is...Hannah.

(Flashback to when Hannah saved Max)

HANNAH: Get in. Hurry. Come on.

(End flashback)

MAX: Hannah?

LOGAN: Last name is Sukova. The age is right. The description matches what you told me. Sedro's been shut down for years and whether she's the one that picked you up that night or if she still lives there, who knows?

MAX: How far away is Sedro Island?

LOGAN: 80 miles, maybe.

MAX: Logan, you're awesome. Thank you.

LOGAN: There's no guarantee it's the same woman. How many Hannahs are there in the world?

MAX: How many Hannahs were there at the air base?

LOGAN: That I know of? One.

MAX: Then it's got to be her.

LOGAN: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, let's assume for a second you can somehow make it past the sector police without a pass...and get out of the city.

MAX: A fair assumption.

LOGAN: Lydecker was set up on Vogelsang.

MAX: Yeah.

LOGAN: So he knows about Hannah.

MAX: Then she can be in trouble and I'm the one that put her there. I've got to find her.

LOGAN: You want to find the other ones like you? You want to find Zack? I can help you. But they're part of a puzzle that needs to be put together piece by piece. Hannah is one piece. You go after her now before we know what the bigger picture looks like, you risk blowing everything.

MAX: I guess I'm no better at being patient than you are.

(Back in Max's apartment, Max is fixing up her motorcycle while Kendra is teaching Japanese to some kids)

KENDRA: Okay, that's very good. Let's try it again. Yomei ikubakuka aru.

KIDS: Yomei ikubakuka aru.

(Max drops something, interrupting Kendra's lesson)

MAX: Sorry.

KENDRA: Ikubakuka aru.

KIDS: Ikubakuka aru.

KENDRA: Yo mijikashi.

KIDS: Yo mijikashi.

KENDRA: Zenzai zattsyo-ru kondomade. Please bring in your translations next week. Domo arigato.

KIDS: Domo arigato.

KENDRA: Bye. Thank you. Thank you.

KID: Bye.


KID: My mom asked...could I pay with this instead of money? 'Cause she doesn't have any.

KENDRA: I know the feeling. No problem.

(The little girl hands Kendra a paper bag full of something)

KENDRA: Thank you.

(The girl leaves. Kendra opens the bag, looks inside, and her face lights up)

KENDRA: Oh! Real coffee. I haven't seen that in a while. You look like you're going somewhere.

MAX: Oh, road trip. What'd it mean? What was that thing you were saying?

KENDRA: It's a haiku. It's hard to translate, but something like "my remaining days are numbered. A brief night."

MAX: Brief night. Gloomy. I like it.

KENDRA: So, where are you going?

MAX: Nowhere in particular. I'll be back in a couple of days.

(There is a knock at the door and Eric enters)

ERIC: Knock, knock. Whew. You know, you're even more beautiful than I remember.

MAX: How much about last night do you actually remember?

ERIC: Enough to know it's a night I'll never forget.

KENDRA: So, Eric, I have to say I'm impressed. Pretty lavish gift for a girl you just met. This stuff goes for a lot of money on the black market.

ERIC: Let's just say I'm well connected.

KENDRA: I like well-connected guys.

ERIC: I'm already taken.

MAX: No, you're not.

KENDRA: How well-connected?

ERIC: My uncle's kind of a big deal.

KENDRA: Oh, yeah?

ERIC: Yeah. In law enforcement.

KENDRA: What branch? Military, sector police, Seattle P.D.?

ERIC: Sector police. He's more or less in charge.

MAX: You must get a lot of love with sector passes, checkpoints, that kind of thing.

ERIC: I go and I come as I please. This city's an open book to me.

(Max and Eric speed along a road at high speed on Max's motorcycle)

ERIC: Max!

MAX: Eric?!

ERIC: You don't think maybe some lights?

MAX: I can see in the dark.


(Max slows down as they approach a sector checkpoint)

MAX: Eric.

ERIC: Yep?

MAX: The checkpoint.

ERIC: The checkpoint?

MAX: We're here. Do your thing.

ERIC: Now?

MAX: Now.

ERIC: I'm not sure now is such a good idea.

MAX: Eric...

ERIC: It's late. It could be a problem getting my uncle on the phone. Plus, I don't see any phones.

MAX: It's recently been brought to my attention that I don't have a great deal of patience and what little I do have is now gone.

ERIC: How about we go back to that town we drove through...get something to eat, maybe get a room?

MAX: Eric! I have to ask you a question. Can you be perfectly honest with me?

ERIC: I'll try.

MAX: Do you have an uncle?

ERIC: Absolutely.

MAX: Does he work for the sector police?

ERIC: Yes.

MAX: What does he do?

ERIC: Well, if there's a mess of some kind in the organization, he's in charge of cleaning it up.

MAX; Like internal affairs?

ERIC: More like janitorial...assigned to the motor pool. And every now and then a case of 30-weight follows him home.

(Max groans silently. This is not what she wanted to hear. She decides there's only one way past the checkpoint)

MAX: Hold on.

ERIC: Huh? Oh, God.

(Max and Eric arrive at a pier facing Sedro Island)

ERIC: Max, I'm getting the feeling that this is more than just a road trip. Something else is going on here, isn't it?

MAX: You think?

ERIC: Max, what's the plan?

MAX: I'm the plan. I'm going to that island over there.

ERIC: What? What for?

MAX: None of your business.

ERIC: Okay, fair enough. So, I guess we need a boat or something...only everyone's still asleep which is what we should be doing.

MAX: I don't sleep. My pager, my keys...you lose them, you're dead.

(Max dives into the water)

ERIC: Max! Oh, my God.

(Max arrives on Sedro Island. She searches the woods and finds Hannah's cabin. She knocks on the door)

HANNAH: Can I help you?

MAX: You probably don't remember me. It was a long time ago.

HANNAH: I'm sorry?

MAX: I'm the girl you found on the road that night.

HANNAH: Come in.

MAX: When you found me, did you know who I was or what I was?

HANNAH: I knew you were a prototype. The haircut. The government issue gown.

MAX: So you knew about the escape?

HANAH: We heard the sirens, the helicopters taking off. They told us it was a drill, but as I was leaving the base I overheard one of the sentries say it was escape from block 12, where X5 lived.

MAX: X5 was my group.

HANNAH: I didn't see how any of you would even make it to the wire. You were just children.

MAX: Why did you stop?

HANNAH: I don't know. I just knew I had to.

(Flashback of when Hannah was hiding Max)

HANNAH: Come in. It's all right. You'll be safe here.

HANNAH (on phone): It's me. I need to see you. Yeah, now. I have a friend who needs a place to stay for a couple of days. No, she's just a kid, but she's got problems at home. She needs to find somewhere...safe. Look, I'll explain everything when I see you. Great. Thanks. Bye.

(End flashback)

MAX: I'd never been in a house before. All any of us knew were the barracks. Your house was so warm and small and comfortable.

HANNAH: I should have stayed with you that night. But I had to go. Make arrangements to get you away. I knew they'd be looking for you.

MAX: You didn't come back.

HANNAH: They sealed off the area. Pulled me over, searched, ordered me to wait in my car for hours. When I got home you were gone.

MAX: We were trained to keep moving in enemy territory.

HANNAH: I wish I could have done more.

MAX: You've done enough.

HANNAH: After all this time, you came looking for me.

MAX: I had to...to thank you. And to find out about the others. Do you know anything about any of them?


MAX: What?

HANNAH: You are so beautiful.

MAX: It's in the genes.

HANNAH: Oh, look at the time. I'm going to be late for work. I'm going to call...tell them I won't be in this morning. It'll give you and I a chance to talk.

HANNAH (on phone): Hi. It's Hannah. I just wanted to let you know I won't be in until later on. I have a friend visiting from out of town. I'll see you this afternoon. Thanks. Bye.

(Logan is searching for more information for Max. He calls her pager, but Eric is the one who answers)

LOGAN: Hey, Max. I'm trying to shake loose something on Zack. Question...

ERIC: Whoa, hold on. I'm not Max.

LOGAN: Who is this?

ERIC: Who's this?

LOGAN: A friend of hers. Can I ask what you're doing with her pager?

ERIC: I'm her boyfriend, okay? You got a problem with that?

LOGAN: Where's Max?

ERIC: Probably shark bait by now. Look, I don't know what the hell's going on, but this girl's nuts. I love her, but she's nuts! She jumped in the water and disappeared...and that was almost three hours ago.

LOGAN: Listen to me very carefully. My name is Logan. I'm a close friend of Max. Tell me your name.

ERIC: Eric.

LOGAN: Eric, where are you right now?

ERIC: On a dock God knows where looking out at, uh...

LOGAN: Sedro island.

(Back inside Hannah's cabin)

MAX: The mothers...who were they?

HANNAH: They recruited young women who were in-vitroed and kept on the base. Most of us didn't have any contact with them for security reasons. They were monitored 24 hours a day, given vitamins, gene therapy, who knows what else.

MAX: So the science projects they were carrying would go according to plan. And they did this for money?

HANNAH: None of those women knew what they were getting themselves into. Most of them were hardly more than girls themselves. Once they delivered, they sent them back to wherever they came from.

MAX: So you never knew my mother?


MAX: Can you tell me anything about her? Anything? The Tac leaders never told us about where we came from. It was more like we came from each other...inspired teamwork. It wasn't until I escaped that I found out about parents and babies and all. I always wondered about her. My mother...who she was, what she was like. Now I know...just another girl looking to get paid...but it's all good. I turned out all right with my strange little life.

(Max opens and closes a music box. She knows that Hannah talked to Lydecker when she was on the phone)

MAX: It's okay, you know. It's not like Lydecker gave you a choice. That phone call you made...to tell them that I was here...you had to do it. I understand.

HANNAH: You knew?

MAX: When you're like me, you pick up on things...especially when people are scared.

HANNAH: I am so sorry. He said if I didn't do it, he would kill me.

MAX: Believe me, he would...and will...even though you did exactly what he told you, which is why you and I have to get out of here. Now.

(Max and Hannah start making their way through the jungle before Lydecker's men arrive at the cabin. Hannah slips and Max hurries back to help her)

MAX: Come on!


MAX: Not without you.

HANNAH: Why are you helping me?

MAX: You saved my life. I'm returning the favor. We need a boat.

HANNAH: Jonah's Bay, south shore.

ERIC: Man, a black chopper just went over. Is this some kind of covert government thing?

LOGAN: I'm afraid maybe it's starting to turn into something like that. Look, Max is going to need your help.

ERIC: Let me just say up front that I've always been someone who could be counted on in a pinch.

LOGAN: That's good to know. Stay on the line.

(Logan figures out Lydecker's radio frequency)

LOGAN: Eric, I need you to do something for me.

(Lydecker is overseeing the operation from a chopper)

LYDECKER: This is Lydecker in control.

CHARLIE TEAM: I am within range. Over.

LYDECKER: Canopy's too thick. Get me on the ground.

(Max and Hannah continue through the forest)

LYDECKER: Charlie team, this is control. Move to the dam and secure the perimeter. Over.

DELTA TWO: Control, this is charlie two. Roger. Out.

LYDECKER: Delta team, this is control. Take up position on the south side of the dam. Over.

DELTA TWO: Delta team. Copy. Out.

(Max and Hannah wind up on top of a dam that also acts as a bridge. Max hears vehicles approaching from both sides)

HANNAH: Max, what do we do?

MAX: Trust me.

(Max and Hannah jump over the side of the dam and land on a platform below. Soldiers arrive in 2 separate vehicles and look over the dam, but can't see Max and Hannah. Meanwhile, Logan has jammed the frequency for Delta two and impersonates them)

LOGAN: Control, this is Delta two. We have the suspects. Say again. We have the suspects. Over.

MAX: I'm sorry.

HANNAH: It's not your fault.

LYDECKER: Delta two, good work. Bring them to the rally point. All units to the rally point. All units to the rally point. Over.

DELTA TWO: Move out.

(Delta Two leaves without finding Max and Hannah)

LOGAN: This is Delta two. We're en route.

LYDECKER: Delta two, this is control. Say again. Over.

LOGAN: Control, this is Delta two. We are five miles from the rally point. Over.

LYDECKER: Roger, Delta two. Control out.

(Max breaks off a piece of metal and latches it onto a wire. She's going to slide down to the bottom of the dam)

MAX: It's the only way down.

HANNAH: Max, no! No!

(Max and Hannah slide to the bottom)

LYDECKER: Delta two, this is control. What is your ETA? Over.

DELTA TWO: We are five miles...

LYDECKER: Say again, Delta two. Over.

(The real Delta two team arrives at Lydecker's position)

DELTA TWO: Sergeant Baum, team Delta two. Our comms are down, sir.

LYDECKER: I was just talking to you.

BAUM: No, sir, someone's been jamming our transmissions.

LYDECKER: Where are the prisoners?

BAUM: We don't have any prisoners, sir.

(Lydecker looks very displeased. He presses the transmit button on the walkie talkie and demands to know who tricked him)

LYDECKER: Who is this? I said...who...is this?

(Logan does not reply. He presses the space bar to send static back to Lydecker)

LYDECKER: Establish a security perimeter on the south shore. Nobody leaves the island.

(Max and Hannah make their way to the southern shore. They see an abandoned boat and get in. As Max unsuccessfully tries to get the motor started, a motorboat is seen heading toward them)

HANNAH: Max! Max?

(The person controlling the motorboat turns out to be Eric)

ERIC: Hey.

(Max looks relieved)

ALPHA TEAM: Control, this is Alpha team. We are approaching the south shore, over.

(Hannah and Max climb in and start speeding away from the island. Meanwhile, Lydecker's troops arrive at the southern shore)

ALPHA TEAM: Control, this is Alpha team. There is no sign of the suspects. They are not here. Over.

(At Max's apartment, Eric is trying to be gentle while telling Max it's over between them)

ERIC: Believe me, Max, this isn't about you. It's about me.

MAX: Okay.

ERIC: I don't need to know what you're doing. I don't want to know, in fact...for my own safety.

MAX: Okay.

ERIC: Don't get me wrong. I think you're completely awesome. These have been the most exciting two days in my life.

MAX: But...

ERIC: We are very different people.

MAX: Are you trying to say it's over between us?

ERIC: You hate me now, don't you, baby?

MAX: I'll get over it.

ERIC: Believe me, Max...I can see where this is going. It's better this way.

MAX: It's okay, Eric. You saved my life. Gave me a case of motor oil. I can honestly say no man has ever done so much.

ERIC: I got to ask...the other night...was it as amazing for you as it was for me?

MAX: Eric...you the man!

(Logan puts together a "new identity" package for Max to give to Hannah)

LOGAN: And there's travel docs...new I.D. and passport...and this. So, your boyfriend seems like a nice guy.

MAX: He's not my boyfriend.

LOGAN: You two break up?

MAX: We were never together.

LOGAN: It's not like you owe me an explanation or anything.

MAX: I know.

LOGAN: You don't want to talk about it...fine.

MAX: There's no reason for you to get jealous.

LOGAN: Of course there isn't. You and I don't have that kind of relationship.

MAX: Right. Thanks for this.

LOGAN: Happy to help.

MAX: Have you ever been up on the Space Needle?

LOGAN: No, and it's not on my list of things to do.

MAX: How come?

LOGAN: Actually, I've always been terrified of heights.

MAX: Really?

LOGAN: Really.

MAX: Oh, we're going to have to do something about that.

(Max arrives at a slummy area in some alleys. She meets Hannah there and gives her some new ID, passes, and money for her to re-start her life away from Lydecker)

MAX: Here you go. Let's get you started. Checkpoint pass and some money.

(Hannah opens the package and is stunned)

HANNAH: I can't take this.

MAX: Yeah, you can.

HANNAH: Where did you get all this?

MAX: A friend.

HANNAH: Thank you. What about you? It's not safe for you here, either.

MAX: I can take care of myself. Plus, there's someone around here who needs me. Good luck.

HANNAH: Max? There's something I didn't tell you before. I didn't want to get into it...I guess, because the more we talked the harder it was to go through with what I had to do. It's about your mother. I did know her. She wasn't like the others. Seven months into her pregnancy, she tried to escape, because she didn't want to give you up. When she was full term they had to strap her down when they induced. Finally, they had to put her under. She fought so hard.

MAX: What happened after that?

HANNAH: She was moved to a psychiatric facility. I never saw her again after that.

MAX: What was her name?

HANNAH: I don't know.

MAX: How old was she?

HANNAH: About your age.

(Max is again looking over Seattle from her spot at the top of the Space Needle)

MAX (voiceover): So, now I know. I had a mother who loved me and maybe she's still out there somewhere. Like that really changes anything in my life...only...it changes everything.